4815 in progress 2

For a moment I thought she
by scrambling through bush over
Three September 1,2005 Kauai
Quinine chairs
Phoenix runs
computer and spreads out my
Mary Hudson batted nights only
The Elegance Wasted Surgeon-like Blades
He sets to showing me
mother, and his mother meant
accidental injury couldn’t be helped
you can’t fake this art
telling us how. ‘First veshch,’
Durham tidied up his
eyes, but had seemed tired
To-Emma’s-Mind ‘The Unspeaking Rejection’
complicated it was. The funniest
Had I but half a
wish yearning for movement, and
the drifting and this white
And the wail therein
hardly sleep, the past,


4815 in progress

Here is a sample of 4815. It consists of lines made up of the first 13 books.

~ indicates where a book ends short of 48 pages.

Some quotes/excerpts have been slightly altered.

the door. ‘I come to
an infinity. There was a
century pulled
taken away by
there was no mirror or
Tell the Man You’re Going
but he had vanished inside
Extracted by the Mexican Government
‘He’s wonderful,’ Brett said. ‘He
TWELVE years had
The emissaries of the Holy
amidst the acorns with nails