Lady Gaga/Vice

When critics and fans bowed at her altar, and even detractors couldn’t begrudge her
online den of nefarious activities, investigative journalism, and enlightening documentaries
and reviews that aren’t boring.
My world to get away from everything that was happening.
It has happened.
When she gets vomited on it’s a performance,
trying to sabotage
with only a 4.9, even beating out.
Last week I wrote a story –
Miley Cyrus fingering Robin Thicke,
Miley Cyrus fingering Robin Thicke.
Yeah, get all those “WELP…

People Will Threaten to Scalp You When You Present a Very Reasonable Argument.
So lately, my daughter.



The world avoided a horrific global outbreak.
The $1,000 CPM — Medium,
blocked in Turkey.
We were evergreen.
I’d lock myself inside all day,
capital and beyond,
we’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship.
When to use WAS and when to use WERE –
fill people’s hearts with hope and love
because who doesn’t want to marry a homeless Arabian man?
Welcome to the Machine.

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the sad thing is that if it were the other way round, it would be all over…

Taylor Swift/Surprise

Home-made cookies and a very merry Swiftmas.
Madonna had a surprising addition –
her homemade art.
The amount of love she gives
pulls out all the stops.
If you felt a rumbling in the depths of your soul last night, some kind of deep and dark magic,
radar. After she showered.
There’s no denying a pretty awesome human.
busted out a surprise duet.
Nuclear Deal Ruby Tandoh George Osborne Greece Michael Gove.
We really don’t need any reasons.

But like Santa, Taylor Swift has a list of cats,
these bade her impressions may hang fire air pleasant surprise blank space.

Barack Obama/Watch

Founded in 1998, Jorg Gray has expanded from an American specialty private-label.
Become an overnight best-seller,
defend a framework agreement on Iran,
read Mean Tweets.
The leader of the free world revitalised when jetting back from a golfing trip left red-faced.
Get down to the sick beat and show some swagger.
It would have been a cop-out
or got some serious face time.
Monitor heart rate, location, sleeping patterns and calorie intake (are you watching, Michelle?)
Obama: Time.
It seems as if the wait has been just too long –
Uptown Funk goes viral.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!
Barack Obama sat down.

Justin Bieber/Life

Turned the grand old age of 21, can you beliebe it?!
Life mocked in comedy roast,
at the tender age of 14
his romance and heartbreak,
(again) for his bad boy behaviour and is reunited.
May have needed a boost
during those most light-hearted moments of his life.
Complete My Journals … Follow Me.
I love her voice and she can sing any song and I would love her
enemies of sarcasm.
Of his own creation when the stars came
hanging out.

This life-sized cut-out of Justin will look great decorating your bedroom or party –
White Tracksuit 171 cms.

Katy Perry/God

Holy: Katy Perry revealed.
Said that God spoke to her right before her Super Bowl XLIX performance.
Get PRISM physically,
1 year ago/1 year,
her faith runs deep. Katy Perry in the dark horse
and suicidal thoughts.
A moving indictment against domestic violence,
a ballad about her divorce from Russell.
Got a word from God –
Stars talk explicitly,
letting her stay.

She received a message from God just before she kicked off her Super Bowl
having enraged the listening grammar police with her pronunciation of unconditionally.