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Part Three Glaia Urruyeal Chapter Two

Dear Diary

Whenever daddy returns to Fell-4429 I think he might come to my room and tell me I’m going home.

            I’m seven. I should be going to the balls and finding a truemate. I should be dancing.  I should be being kissed.  I want someone to tell me that my skin is as grey as the sky before rain.  I want someone to tell me they have never seen a stone so grey.

            Daddy came home this morning.  He brought more earthers with him but these were sick and damaged.  Some had no hair.  I’ve never seen an earther with no hair like us.  They always seem so full of hair like tralliads.  When I was little daddy bought me a tralliad but it escaped.  I saw it once up a tree in the Hyrel Forest. It was just looking down at me. I swear it remembered me.

            We had a feast for daddy.  They brought out some earthers and made them end. When they’d swept the earther’s remnants away we ate. There were sixteen courses but I could only eat leaf soup.  That’s how sick I felt.

            Daddy asked me what was wrong.  He has such sad eyes these days.

            I told him it was just female pains and he called for Bresai to take me back to my room.

            I bathed with Bresai and let her make me feel good but even that wouldn’t help me sleep.

            When I woke Bresai was sleeping next to me.  She has this long blue hair.  The strands are thin and when I touch them they’re hard as bone.  I stroke her back and I almost wake her.  Then I hear the scream.

            The scream doesn’t wake Bresai. I stand up and walk to my window. I’m naked but I don’t care who sees me. Even if a guard saw me they would look away. I am Glaia Urruyeal, I am a Grand Lord’s child, I am not for guards to dream about.

            The air is cool.  The air on this planet is always cool but it doesn’t rain enough yet. Myersula says there are problems with the terraforming. He laughs when he tells me that the planet is proving more resistant than her inhabitants.  I almost ask him if his planet was resistant.

            In the courtyard below I see a shape moving.  It is an earther male.

            The guards are chasing him. The guards have already caught an earther female and it is her who is screaming.  She screams louder as the guards fire at the earther male. 

            The earther male has nowhere to go.  He reaches the wall and looks up.  He knows it’s too high to climb.  The female screams again. She’s speaking to him. I do wish sometimes that I could understand what they say but Myersula tells me that language is a weapon of the defeated. He says that even when a people are eradicated if their language lives on there is a chance they might return and damage the Fell way.   

            The male turns and shouts something. The guards fire. The male falls to the floor. The female is wailing.  It starts to rain.




About michaeleganpoetry

Liverpool based poet and editor. I have had four pamphlets of poetry published, most recently After Stikklestad (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2010). Penned in the Margins published my first collection, Steak & Stations, in 2010.

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