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All Fell Down Chapter Sixteen


I have a new file. 

            When I insert the file into the Redemption’s computer the words ‘Alpha Orders’ come up on the console.

            The names of my crew roll before me.  I see their faces.  I know everything about their development, skills and roles.  I know what their enhancements have done to them.  I know what they can do. 

There are four of them on the Bridge with me.

            I remember their names.

            Beta – Subject Lara.  She is tall and slim. Her hair is blonde but like all of our hair it’s cut shorter, as short as mine. 

            Gamma – Subject Shen.  He’s stocky and strong.  He’s Chinese but when he speaks I understand every word he says.  Language doesn’t matter anymore when you’ve a core system deep within your brain.

            Delta – Subject Esteban.  When I look at Esteban I feel like I know him.  There’s some subconscious memory aching to release itself.  He has green eyes.  For a moment I wonder if it’s some echo of one of my brothers I’m seeing.  My file told me I had four brothers, all of them older.  I know Esteban isn’t my brother.


About michaeleganpoetry

Liverpool based poet and editor. I have had four pamphlets of poetry published, most recently After Stikklestad (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2010). Penned in the Margins published my first collection, Steak & Stations, in 2010.

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