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All Fell Down Chapter Eight


I am a gun. I am a knife.  I am a sword.  I am a bomb.  I am a black hole devouring the sun.  I am a mace, a morningstar, a spike to the skull.  I am a poison. I am an airborne disease let loose.  I am a spear.  I am propaganda. I am the fear that makes men weak.  I am the end of all.  I am a hammer. I will make them fall. I am an arrow.  I will never miss my target. I am a push from the edge.  I am a fall into oblivion. I am gamma rays burning through space.  I am a pillow pressing down. I am a missile flying true. I am a dagger in the night.  Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. I am a weapon.  I will be fired.


About michaeleganpoetry

Liverpool based poet and editor. I have had four pamphlets of poetry published, most recently After Stikklestad (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2010). Penned in the Margins published my first collection, Steak & Stations, in 2010.

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