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The Situation 11


tuesdays are for controlling credit

but they got loose send dogs

out after the deficit round it up round it down

say we’ve more than we ever had

say this is more than I ever gave you

but still you never kiss me lips retreat

I’ll find a bridle-way instead and walk it

I’ll find dunes and mould them make sure

they don’t crumble I have a friend whose

life’s work is protecting dunes never leaves them

stands guard against coastal erosion sometimes

I ring him and all I hear are waves the tide is

coming for him again the water wants to

ruin his work don’t let it I say but

the signal fails just my voice saying

don’t let it in the harbour up the coast

I find him destroyed we leave go north

for up helly aa because fire isn’t water


About michaeleganpoetry

Liverpool based poet and editor. I have had four pamphlets of poetry published, most recently After Stikklestad (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2010). Penned in the Margins published my first collection, Steak & Stations, in 2010.

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