found New York Times – Glanz, Pianigiani, White, Patanjali

let me describe the moment the bridge collapsed        tuesday 14th August 2018   just driven out of a tunnel and onto the main bridge over Genoa    and saw a huge cloud of white dust rising up in the fog and rain    in free fall      those questions remain      sand beside colour      beside coloured sand     the blown apart labourers […]

The Tin Roman

The Tin Roman   It was the little boy’s birthday and it had been raining for weeks. Every day it rained.  All day it rained. When he woke he could hear the rain spattering his window. But today was his birthday and he hoped he would get a Joy Box 2000. Everyone at school had […]

Last chapter of Ark Noon

Around 2008/9 I wrote a 33,000 word novel that consisted of one sentence. It was a bout a boy, Ark Noon, who goes to look for his dad in a flooded world. I haven’t looked at it much. I remember sending it away to a few places and hearing nothing back so I put it […]

the casual labourers are blown out like canned ales

fasting or fucking    during lent I gave up nothing but pleasure    mermaid, undress  yearn to peer into a chasm and see a place where that life, forgotten now, is yet to begin this is why I put hope in multiverses    and yet fear them too     if I break myself, tear myself apart, will I shatter […]

New Blasphemy

I go outside because I’ve been told no good ever came of being a recluse    but sleep is so inconsistent these days, only yesterday I woke three times in one day and believed each waking was a new dawn    I go outside or into the lies monarchs tell of divinity    God chose them, everything they […]

Pelham’s Eye

He reclaimed the face by adding an eye to the cog. Now encased in a black jacket; bread to beef to flickering horseradish to a loaf filled with slopped stew, aching eyes. When the hand coaxes words forward it’s travel sickness again, it’s being beneath Christ the King’s light-sucking chandelier. To one end of that […]