Circles a Clover

  In 2016 I wrote a novella called Circles a Clover. Not long after I wrote it the computer I used died and the pen drive I’d saved it on broke. I was training to be a teacher at the time and things were hectic so I kind of thought ‘oh well, it’s gone, there’s […]

my god is a bear

yarn unraveled     we walk beneath the stars but we’re not gods        I met a bear in the bar, he was wearing a man-suit   I asked him why he chose to become a teacher     he told me about a Sudanese boy he taught in Anfield in 2011, how this boy was woken in the night by […]

daughters of

stasi child is fading     reflected in near empty glasses of vodka her face remained unmarred, she remembered the last words her father said just let go, hush, I was a good man   the revisionists call him a good man but she knows they’re wrong     the revisionists are the same as him  there are more of […]

February in the Belvedere

    Note on the poem – I’ve written a lot of poems about the Belvedere, 3 in this collection. It’s a tiny pub hidden behind the Philharmonic in Liverpool. I worked there for a while in 2014/15. I don’t think I was a very good barman because I didn’t have the slick efficiency of […]

a reflection upon the end of a marriage

like a crucifix or a conversation with Ukraine, I am impeached    instead of recalling a holiday we shared I’ll imagine one   I’ll say do you remember to make it real    do you remember when I flew into Rome to meet you and autumn was our bodies falling together into each other’s fable     the bed is […]

The Tin Roman

The Tin Roman   It was the little boy’s birthday and it had been raining for weeks. Every day it rained.  All day it rained. When he woke he could hear the rain spattering his window. But today was his birthday and he hoped he would get a Joy Box 2000. Everyone at school had […]

Last chapter of Ark Noon

Around 2008/9 I wrote a 33,000 word novel that consisted of one sentence. It was a bout a boy, Ark Noon, who goes to look for his dad in a flooded world. I haven’t looked at it much. I remember sending it away to a few places and hearing nothing back so I put it […]