Chapter 2 – Peeku

Chapter Two Peeku It seemed like a million trees stood in her way and that all the light there was in the world was fading as fast as a fire-famished candle. “I’m not afraid of trees,” said Yolvo, facing their bony trunks. She stepped forward into them.   *   Night. That to Yolvo was […]

The Bridge

And then there was the last story I wrote. years later, Glump is a knight now but he still takes a shit on the bridge like a proper pigsty boy would. Kilean is long dead and the Mist grows.   The Bridge “What’s your name?” the Doctor asked him.  It had been raining for days.  […]

The Nobody Knight

Hey. here’s a fantasy novella I wrote yonks ago. I like it.   The Nobody Knight He was resting in a hard bed in a room where knights came to die when the Doctor brought him the letters.  Another one of King Todwyn’s Doctors, more of the Godless fools. He’d had his fill of doctors, […]

Chapter 1 – Yolvo

    for Seren Beren Egan and Angie Valeria Martinez     Chapter One Yolvo Far after and beyond all of this, the world was cold and snow fell. Yolvo sat at her window looking out into all of the white. “It’s marshmallows and ice cream,” she said to the frost. She touched one finger […]


When my daughter was very young I would tell her two stories. One was called the Yallamaloo. It was about our cat, Malachy, being stuck up a yallamaloo tree and Seren rescuing him. The second was called Yolvo. Yolvo was a boy who lived in a castle with his dad. It was always snowing there. […]


morning bath    thin breath     laboured knot          this little map of black marks made cigarettes outside discarded    as shrines touch butter to butter      scatter pepper better empty milk cartons hitting empty milk cartons wild, feral thing     bite    weight of love, carry it step away from […]