Crossing a marsh with my daughter

The last time we walked here the marshland was flooded so we couldn’t cross from path to river. Now summer approaches, the reeds are dry and flattened, the water has drained away as it should. We cross the broken reeds, feel the softness of the earth beneath. She asks if we might fall through, I […]


I’ve been getting a lot of rejections for my collection, New Blasphemies, though a fair amount of the poems have found publication in mags etc now. To be honest it’s made me feel a little dissatisfied with my style. I don’t feel like I fit with the experimental or the traditional poetry world. I think […]


morning bath    thin breath     laboured knot          this little map of black marks made cigarettes outside discarded    as shrines touch butter to butter      scatter pepper better empty milk cartons hitting empty milk cartons wild, feral thing     bite    weight of love, carry it step away from […]


  There is a quiet thunder in the air. Outside the light is electric today – unseen for days, unknown and dangerous. And so we stay inside.   This dark         is a dark of winter and the freshness of leaf is life    and the berries are blood, yet even that too is life        awakening, beating, […]

The Plague

We were unprepared for the Plague, my love. We didn’t even have each other anymore. In the night I watched a world without shape, uncertain and distant. In the morning when I could no longer dream I saw the quiet of fear through glass. And for a moment I let those darkened thoughts fill me, […]

Talking to Women

I’ve been talking to women a lot since I’ve been single and when I meet them, when I’m with them, I sometimes keep meeting them, keep talking to them and sometimes when I find myself enjoying talking to them I stop talking to them, I ghost them or fail to show for the fifth date and […]


“You won’t find anything, you know,” said her father. “That’s not the point,” she said. “It’s a beach Jenny, what do you think you’ll find on a beach?” “Shells. I told you, it’s not the point.” “So what was the point of me buying it?” “You didn’t,” she said. “I told you how I got […]


I’m a likerous tuwel, Stille and streit yteyd. This is my handmaiden, This is my shadwe. When I get the smale tytheres up Hound me stereless, Tithe me oost and pile me owher.